Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New things to ponder...

Life now is very different than it was only 5 months ago. Working at new job and preparing to quit the first while still holding out hope for the third. Do I use my degree? Every day. Do I get paid according to the use of my college education? Yes and no. My degree says that I am capable of managing people in an office or as a manager, but I don't have the neccessary experience yet. And really, let's all be honest here. A broad communication degree really only means that I "play well with others." What that really says is that I know how to stand up for myself professionally, am eager to please those in charge, and am skilled at hiding my true opinion when it doesn't really matter. Sounds great until you realize that those are basic skills for the observant. Bottom line, I still have to work somewhere.

On another topic completely unrelated: Have begun listening to a book on CD called, Captivating by John and Staci Elderidge. He also wrote Wild at Heart. I am loving this book! I've borrowed the first three CDs, but find that it's not enough and will have to actually purchase this book for myself. I've always had trouble finding words for the deeper things in my heart and was always positive that whatever I was feeling wouldn't make sense to others anyway. John and Staci have written down everything in my heart--often in perfect words. It comes highly recommended by me and I will probably make it a gift to more than one friend over the years.

On to other unrelated topics: My heart has been opened to the spiritual realm in a way that creeps others out. Not sure how to deal with the rejection of those close to me. I'm still learning alot about it myself--I don't know everything here--but when God shows me something, there's no doubt that it's Him.
I've begun experiencing severe mood swings...this makes life with me complicated and not always pleasant. I'm also down 5 pounds since the beginning of the year and have 13 more to go for my goal weight! I'm feeling good about that one.
I'm missing my friends from long ago. Well, I guess it wasn't really that long ago--1-2 years. Life will go on for all of us and I look forward to the changes to come.
Soon to be looking at floor plans for near-future new house! Very excited about that one!

In other news: The nephew is irresistable! Dean even picked him up! Shocked us all--Dean, too.

A very slight hint of spring is in the air...I know it's coming. Ready for it. Dreaming of family garden and yard work!