Friday, September 04, 2009

Finally! Another holiday weekend!

Labor day weekend is the best time of year in Ligonier. It means more than an extra day off work. It means there will be something to do on that extra day. The marshmallow festival is this weekend every year. It's a wonderful excuse to see vintage baseball, see a parade, and just walk around an otherwise sleepy town just to see who you see. While growing up here, it was the only weekend all summer that anything fun happened in town. The promise of fun makes me want to get out my camera and capture my ever-changing little one in action!

The baby fever took a firm hold...then dissipated. I was to the point that I was a little apprehensive of getting pregnant knowing that a late spring baby would mean I would miss out on much of another summer. The post-partum depression from the first one, coupled with very little outside time for me means that I have no intention of missing another summer. Anyway, God has intervened. I was saying, "maybe not RIGHT now," but God has given a resounding "YES!" #2 is due on April 15th, 2010. I'm planning to go to the New Eden center again. At least this time I won't have moved in to a new house the day before! The growth of my family is overwhelmingly joyous for me! I have no idea what challenges lie ahead of me now. I imagine that Danny will be the perfect, loving, gentle brother. I can envision taking the both of them outside with me while I garden and having no problems. HA! It probably won't happen.

Fun times are calling and I'm done with work early. Love to all.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wow. I don't write much anymore! Exactly one year from the last post: "Mommyness." Danny--he's our little boy--is sick. So, I saw a good deal more of last night than I particularly care to.

Things I've discovered: William Shatner is a very good author. Snot CAN continue to run ALL DAY! Post-partum depression is more recognizable for the victim when it's over. Friends are difficult to keep up with. Baby fever doesn't stop after you've had one. I hoped for a different "change." A new house doesn't come with the required repairmen... and "new" doesn't mean "perfect." It's even harder to lose baby weight. Your own child's laughing is the most contagious. Growing in the Lord is more painful and enjoyable than anything else. The same job can offer new crises every week.

Our Little Buddy will be 1 on June 1st. A year really can fly by. I've learned so much more than I can ever hope to write down. He's taught me so much about life and living. I try to enjoy the littler things. I try to take time to see everything from a different perspective. It's humbling to realize that another human being relies on you for everything from feeding to changing to teaching and playing. And it makes me feel important to know that Dan looks to ME for least for now. I finally know everything, but find that it feels a lot like nothing...