Tuesday, August 07, 2012

These days...

I've been working on a new post since mid-January, but I can't seem to get it right. So, I'll just forget it. Suffice it to say I've learned a LOT! My marriage needs nurturing, my children need nurturing, I need nurturing, the garden needs nurturing...you get the point. The weight loss goal is on track. The landscaping goal is a constant struggle. And the "keep in better contact with loved ones" goal has just about died.

But through it all, I'm learning so much about the Lord! People may let us down (sometimes I'm pretty disappointed in myself, too) but I'm amazed every day by how Faithful He is to us. A few "God stories" for you:

   God provided exactly the right amount of $ for a project I had done, but needed to pay for.
   The Lord made a way for me to get home on my bike while loaded down with milk and eggs. I noticed that my front tire was extremely low on air after I had left home. It "just so happened" that our Amish neighbor had filled his portable air tank the day before -- and left it outside right next to where I park my bike.
   He gave my 2 year old daughter a dream about an accident that really had happened the day before. I got a message about what had happened at 10 pm -- 2 hours after she had gone to bed!
   I recently had a dream about my neighbor woman grieving for a local man who had been killed on his bicycle. The next day I learned that they were cousins.

I have been so blessed! My wonderful husband, sweet babies, and cozy neighborhood all reflect the goodness and kindness of the Lord at every turn. He has been speaking to me through dreams quite a bit lately, too. He's revealed to me certain areas that I need to repent of...but He's also reassured me of His Faithfulness and also shown me when and how to pray for loved ones. I just have to ask Him what He's saying and He'll tell me! The babies are beginning to wake up from nap time now. Duty (and blessing) waits! :)