Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's amazing to me how much housework can build up over the course of a single day away from home. Dean & I were gone much of last Friday and I'm still trying to catch-up on the cleaning! Factor in a 7 months pregnant belly in the way and you've got the recipe for desiring very little "up and down" work. Right now, both kids are napping and I'm enjoying the quiet--instead of doing some of the much-needed housework. I've really tried to include my babies in some of the more mundane chores. Like, dishes. I'm trying to wash the dishes everyday (preferably after every meal) and Danny LOVES to use the "squirter" to help me. I just wash them and put them in the other sink for him to rinse off and then I can put them into the drainer when the sink is full. We have a good time...often a wet time. But, he's learning an important lesson: help. I'm so glad that he's naturally helpful. And, at least with the dishes, he really does help. I'm trying to be more patient with my babies. Rosie and I had a bit of an argument last night over her last bite of supper. She was pretty sure that she didn't want just ONE more bite...but I told her to take it....and then I had to make sure she did. 'Cause I'm the mom and she needs to be obedient. After I sat her on my lap for awhile and told her that I expect her to eat her bite, she was happy enough to comply. And, I think she appreciated that I stuck to what I had said and didn't give in to her. She IS only 1, after all. Both of them know we're having another baby, and they both know what their job will be when he/she gets here: to give the baby lots of hugs and kisses and keep mommy company while she feeds the baby. I even think they're excited about it. I saw them cuddling dolls the other day and rocking them while singing a lullaby. I'm not worried about them being jealous at all. In fact, I'm kind of excited to see their faces the first time they meet their sibling.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So lately I've really begun to feel convicted to keep my house in better order (i.e. neater). I've got everything I need now: a 3-ring binder (from my college days) filled with my calendar (I printed from my computer), list of daily chores, grocery lists, recipe cards for the week, weekly menu, and a handy little note from another blog about scheduling my day. The biggest part for me is to actually drag out the vacuum a few times every week and USE it. It's hard because I'm 7 months pregnant and in order to efficiently use the rug-sucker, I need to pick up all...the...toys. That brings me to another item on my (Danny's) daily list: pick up toys. Danny has a job chart, too. Only, it seems like he's not interested in doing his jobs unless I'm right there to help him through it. Hmmm. I guess that one needs a little more thought. Back to my chores! It's really helped me feel a little less frazzled to have the house mostly clean all the time. I never liked cleaning the whole house 1 day each week; so now I'm only cleaning a little bit every day. I used to have to hire a babysitter for a few hours every time I needed to clean simply because there was so much to do. But now, I'm able to keep most things cleaned up most of the time and it really makes me feel better.

Probably the most enjoyable thing I've learned through this process is the fact that God knows exactly what I want to get done and He helps me with it. I talk with Him each morning about my to-do list and I think He's teaching me how to prioritize my days. For example, mopping is on my list for today. I usually try to get my chores done in the morning. If I had tried to do that this morning, I would have become frustrated by the fact that my little helper wants to help with everything to the point of not really helping (let's face it, a 3 year old can't really handle a mop). But, I had an appointment this morning and didn't get back until lunch. Now, it's his naptime and as soon as he's in his bed I can focus on the mopping and do a good job of it. I love it when God writes my day for me. The best thing I've learned is the importance of getting up early--before the kids are awake. That way, I have time to shower and sit down and really talk with the Lord without distraction. It's really helped to boost my mood.

That's what I know for now. I'm learning more about myself each day; but I'm re-learning the importance of letting God be in control of even the small things...like cleaning the house.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Oh. My. Word!

So...here we are...2 YEARS LATER! I realize that I'm no good at this journaling thing. Although, it's fun to look at this and read something from 2 years ago. It's Labor Day weekend again. I'm expecting a baby again. My son really does love his baby SISTER a lot, and they get along fabulously. Gardening with them isn't so bad...and that's about the only stuff that's the same from 2 years ago. I'm a stay-home mom now, but it's a bigger job than we moms get credit for. There's a lot to "just" cooking and cleaning. It also includes (but is not limited to) cleaning the children, cleaning the toys, cleaning every room in the house, cooking meals for a growing number of people--consisting of food which will actually be eaten in a timely manner, dancing in the dining room by the stereo when the urge hits a little body, playing on the (hopefully clean) kitchen floor with Matchbox cars, playing hide and seek, making sure the toilets stay closed (particularly important when a favorite toy fits perfectly inside the toilet), showering every once in a while, supervising a snack time, doing laundry for a growing number of people on a regular basis, changing diapers and/or reminding someone to go to the potty whenever he/she needs to, doling out discipline in a LOVING manner whenever needed (although, this fluctuates each day), managing nap times, listening to my husband and supporting him in his work, and still making the time for my own reflection with the Lord. How working moms actually get any of that done is beyond me. They must be super women.

The next baby is due in 10 more weeks. I'm excited about it! I've been preparing the older 2 since we found out about this one and they're excited, too. I don't expect any problems with jealousy and I anticipate that he/she will fit right in. We still have lots to do before the new one gets here: new wood stove, carport, room in the basement. Although, honestly, 2 of those things could wait a little longer.

What do you know? It's time for supper. It's back to the kitchen for me!