Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nothing, really

I don't have anything super profound today. Lots of stuff is changing. I wish it were all over but would last forever. How do I tell someone that I'm not interested in them.....but their friend? Am I really interested, or do I just realize that things are changing and want security?

Something new was suggested to me yesterday that I need to look into: the Transitions to Teaching class. I could come back here next fall and take this 18 hour class and get my teaching degree and have things like.....benefits, health insurance, marketability. All of these are good things. AND the person who gave the advice also offered to let me stay with her! Exciting stuff. I'm definitely going to examine THAT possibility! Of course, I won't NEED to do that if I could only find a good man! Hmm.....I should get working on that! (I'm really just kidding.)

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