Sunday, October 09, 2005


In four days I will officially be an old maid. 23 and unmarried is what I'll be. I'm okay with that. We're redecorating the house this year. The bathroom, my parents' bedroom, and my room are finished. The living room, Aaron's room, and the kitchen will have to wait until next spring. It's nice to have all the juvenile stuff gone. But, it's a shocking niceness. Up to now, I've known that when I'm home I can expect certain things to be there--comforts. In an effort to become an adult, I've parted with a number of those items. It was fun to look through all the things I had accumulated and decide that I could live without certain things. I feel as though I've grown up all at once--but I don't feel differently. I've been different since I went to camp this summer and made a few decisions. I listened to what God was saying to me. I sat down and really listened. I had to get out of Terre Haute. I wasn't needed there anymore like I had been. I'm going back in a week, but I know things will be different. Mostly because I know that I don't have to stay. I'll be more relaxed about being there because I'll know that I'll be leaving.
I'm having some of my longest as well as a few of my most recently made friends over on Friday night for some fun times. But that will be different, too. I'm not 18 anymore. I'm a college graduate with a Bachelor's degree. I'm not as immature as I used to be. It'll be nice to sit around a fire and just talk and sing. I don't feel so much like I need to DO something in order to be entertaining. And Aaron will be there. He is my favorite Baby. Allen and Annie will be there. I love them lots. Andy won't be there. We will all miss him terribly! And my new friend hopes to be there. I fully intend for our (mine and Aaron's) birthday party to be a blast. Anyway, that is the event most quickly coming up on my calendar.
From the last time I wrote, my life has been nearly consumed with cleaning and finishing. I did go to Bethel college to visit my new friend and some other friends and ended up having a wonderful time just talking and meeting his new friends. I know that God has wonderful things planned for him and I hope for the privilege to see at least some of them happen.
I love you all. Have a blessed day.

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Anonymous said...

I love you....and I am terribly sorry about not being able to come to your party. I hope that yall have an amazingly wonderful time. I really do mean it when I say that I love you. Maybe one day we can get together again and hang. I made it into the fall play..November 11th and 12th, and the 17th, 18th, and two shows on the is called Rehearsal for Murder...great fun. Kendra, Matty, and I are in it. Steve, jason, nick, and melody are all in it too. Great fun!!!! We have some amazing freshmen that are in it as well...they are so good!!!!. Kaitlyn is once again stage mangager and is doing her usual amazing job on that one. Maybe you can bring matthew with you....teehee....i love you my dear and beautiful friend. I am excited for you as I just read your post....yay for maturing and growing up and discovering so many new things about ourselves. Hey, also BRING BACK MY CDS>>>>>thief!!! hahahahaha talk to you later my love...karri day