Thursday, September 06, 2007


After almost a year of marriage, I find myself remembering some old relationships and near-relationships. Sophomore year of college:My first date was a set-up blind date just to say I'd been on a date. He was rather unwilling and didn't even pay (it was a double with my brother and his wife). Dinner was fine, but I never really heard from him afterwards. I almost dated friend#1 after that, but he decided it wasn't a good idea (wisdom on his part). Another near relationship with friend #2 just after that...he was "wife-shopping" that summer, but I was already dating my first boyfriend. Junior year of college: Boyfriend #1 turned out to be pretty bad news. He equaled family stress and a near-disaster. After I was through with him, I almost got with friend #3, but didn't. Went to the wedding of friend #2 with friend #1. Senior year of college: Boyfriend #2 was a mutual friend of mine and friend #3. He was even worse than boyfriend #1. Almost (again) got with friend #1. Summer after college: Back with boyfriend #1 for about 2 weeks...let's not go there. Met a wonderful man (friend #4) but not sure the feelings were mutual. Autumn after college: Gave the fate of friend #4 to God and met my Favorite Friend about two days later.

Here I am, almost 2 years after meeting my Favorite Friend. I'm sitting at my new job (after hours) just remembering everything. I was in friend #1's wedding last summer. I wonder how friend #3 and his new wife are doing. Not sure what boyfriends number 1&2 are up to--not sure I really care that much. Friend#4 is still in college and I wonder what he's up to now. Last I knew, he was having a great time in training for the ministry. It's amazing where God takes us...and where He lets us go without Him. All this came to mind because I was thanking Him again for rescuing me from the disasters that almost were with boyfriends 1&2. I think of what my life could be like right now and I'm so thankful for His faithfulness.

We hope to be breaking ground for the house by next month...we'll see. The Lord will be faithful in this adventure. We're seeking His Will and His Timing for this project. We're also seeking His Timing on a different adventure, but enough of that for now.

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Melanie said...

Friend # 3 & his new wife are doing quite well...busy, but well nonetheless. The summer in particular (as you can well imagine) was really busy (somewhere in all the fray, I succeeded in losing your phone number *shame be upon me*).

The summer was one of great adjustments, as you can well imagine. Getting him acclimated to being in the state, & furthermore into almost-daily interaction with me, which was also a stretch! I had moved into a little apartment on the Island (downstairs from Karri Day, actually), where I was living with my college roommate, so she moved into Kent while we were gone on our honeymoon.

The wedding was small, but wonderful. In all honesty, there is nothing that happened with the wedding that I regret in any way, which is perhaps the greatest blessing that took place (at least in my mind). The ceremony itself was more than what I hoped for, I don't think I could have asked for any better. As for the reception, I felt like I really didn't get enjoy that part..both Eric & I were so busy visiting with people that we didn't even get to eat!

The honeymoon itself was very nice, we did a long weekend not too far from the Michigan border, at a very quiet B&B, with good food, good company, & lots of sleep! Little did we know how much we were going to need it! We both began school/work a week after we returned from our trip.

When things did begin, they burst forth with great zeal! I began an extremely intense school year, carrying only 16 credit hours, but with very intense classes (particularly Music History & Poetry Genre). However, I only have one more year after this (Music w/ Youth Ministry minor is a 5 year plan!), so I'm hanging in there to the end..I'm definitly enjoying being in college, but in many ways, I can't wait to get out. I'm sure you understand how that goes! In addition, I'm working part time at Hacienda, & am now the music director at Eric's church, which is bringing many exciting new changes (as we begin introducing a repertoire of current worship music to the standard southern gospel sound there).

As for him, he is in his 2nd semester in Grad School for Library Science, so he is busy himself. He's also working at the campus library, where he is the technical specialist...which is very exciting. He is a part of the local civic band, which is a nice chance for him to relax once a week. Needless to say, between the two of us, we are busy!

Since getting married, there has definitly been much to adjust to, as I'm sure you can well imagine. There have been several funny stories that I would love to tell you sometime, should we ever get that opportunity.

But enough about me, how are you, my friend? How is marriage for you, for you certainly are on your own journey of things. I try to check here periodically, but not nearly as frequently as I probably should. If you still have my number, feel free to give me a call & hopefully we can touch base.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Much love