Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I finally reached my weight-loss goal of 18 pounds on October 2nd...exactly 10 months since starting my journey. 4 days later, a positive test told me I would have 9 months to gain 20 or more to have a healthy baby. Baby will be here sometime in late May or early June, and I'm having some difficulty gaining any weight. Not that I'm complaining or concerned, it's just interesting that I spent a good portion of my life rather portly, and when I finally got close to being "hot" I learned that it wouldn't last very long, and now there's hope for that near-hotness again! I know what it takes to lose the weight and nothing could motivate me more than the desire to avoid looking like I've had children when their visible presence attest to that fact just fine.

I have approximately 4 months to decide how long I'll be on maternity leave from work. Baby will be here at the beginning of summer, so it's not like it's the busy season or anything. And, there are plenty of volunteers here at the church if I feel like I can only handle 1 day a week. Or, I could just make the days shorter and leave Baby with mom for a few hours every day--she'd love it anyway! Or, maybe I could bring Baby with me for a while. I still have some time to discuss it with some of the other people here and get their input.

We have basement walls at the new place! It's snowing right now, so I'm not sure they're out there doing anything right now, but it's exciting to see things finally taking shape! This is going to be a good year!

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