Saturday, January 07, 2012

How Many Days?

We never know how many days we'll have. I went to the viewing for a relative today. On New Year's Day, her boyfriend shot her in the face before driving away and shooting himself. I even heard it on the news that morning, but there were no names reported, so my thinking stopped at, "Oh, how awful! What's this world coming to?" Then, I learned that it was someone that I knew and loved and played with as a child. Mindy was a little older than me, so I always looked up to her when we were together. I always thought that she was so stylish. The saddest part of the whole ordeal for me is that they had 2 little babies together who now don't have a Mommy OR a Daddy. My mother's heart weeps for them more deeply than I can even talk about...I'm even crying as I write this. My first impulse was to volunteer to take them home with me and become the mother they'll never know. I want to help them work through the trauma of their father murdering their mother while they were in the next room. I want to protect them from having to go through anything like that ever again. But reality and sense come close behind to remind me that they're not my responsibility. Those 2 precious babies have other people who can step in and take care of them and love them. I just want to pray for them. Sure, they're only 6 months and 2 years old, but even little kids can tell with something's wrong.  All I can really do is pray for their little hearts...and pray hard. But, should the Lord decide that they should be here with us, well, we'll make room.

The rest of the day is just a blur with a headache. My drive to do only good things toward others and to spread Hope and Sonshine is renewed. Mindy only had 34 years of days. I don't know how many days I'll have, but I want them to be good ones.

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