Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Secretly, every girl wants to be Cinderella. Every woman wants to be rescued from her circumstances by a wonderful and charming prince who is determined to do anything to get her. Unfortunately, the prince turns out to be less than charming (or ambitious) and Cinderella usually ends up with her hopes and dreams dashed because the man she married isn't who she thought he was. Real life hits you like a snowflake: you can't feel the cold right away. Why is it so hard for people to live the fairy tale life? Because life is not really a fairy tale. All the good princes are taken or (more often) not interested and all the Cinderellas are too busy chasing to be chased. My suggestion: Secretly like from a distance and flirt little. Flirting only confuses and sends mixed signals. Will I be able to stop flirting? Heck no! Because I know this about myself, I'm going to try to avoid circumstances where flirting is almost a rule. Moral of the story= Guys: It works better if you say clearly whether or not you have interest. Girls: If you don't like him the way he is, don't bother.

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