Friday, December 09, 2005


I've reached the point of confusion. I can't seem to distinguish God's voice from the other voices. I've never had this problem this badly before. My dreams show me that I'm with the wrong man. I dream about the other desire of my heart...not my boyfriend. I feel a deeper happiness in my dreams about the younger one, but in dreams about the older one I feel inadequacy. He doesn't want to become attached to me if there comes a time when God wants us to end our relationship. I don't operate that way. Now I'm confused about the whole thing. If ever I needed your prayers, it's now.

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An80sNut said...

I remember your earlier post about your soul crying out for love. I worry that like car keys, the things we desire most seem to hide from plain view. Age isn't a big factor but communication is. If he seems to have problems expressing himself to you, it means there will be issues later unless you are happy taking more of a leadership role. Yes, you are in my prayers.