Saturday, December 04, 2004

Schindler--I mean, Amanda's List

So, I pushed the "Publish" button and lost everything I just wrote. I'll just do it all over again. Everyone should have a list of necessary qualifications for one of the opposite sex to have before being considered for personal romantic affections. This is mine......

(*=denotes a quality not open to question or debate; #=quality which is open to subjective review)

*Must be a Christian
Emotionally stable
*Financially responsible
Genuine with emotion....not superficial or 'fake'
Kind to those he supervises
*Respected by all who know him
#No "experience"
Musically talented
*Faithful and loyal
*Self-assured and confident
*Has direction in life
*Willing to work hard
*Must get along with my family
Willing to have fun
Puts his own wishes aside for those of others
Not afraid of a little dirt
*Puts God's will and desires ahead of his own
*Won't pressure me....lets things happen in God's time
Healthy, but doesn't obsess
Doesn't want another mother
*Keeps track of his own stuff
Willing to help with household chores
*Loves his family and wants to start one of his own
*Learns from past mistakes instead of repeating them
Enjoys the simple things in life
Likes being indoors AND outdoors
*Enjoys his own company....not too clingy or needy
*Is a leader....but not domineering or tyrannical
Not afraid to cry
Talks during movies.....or at least doesn't mind that I do
*Willing to share his opinion...but doesn't try to convince others to agree with him
Knows when to stop pushing an issue
Not afraid of my tears
*Considerate of me and others
*Realizes he doesn't know everything
Knows that sometimes all I need is someone to listen, I can "fix it" myself
*Won't compromise my integrity

I'm sure this isn't a complete list (even for me), but this is all I can add now. Perhaps more will develop as I meet new people and stuff. Now I wonder if men like this actually exist in reality?

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