Monday, January 24, 2005

Meaningless update

It's cold in the Midwest. It's cold here in Indiana. It's cold in Northern Indiana. It's cold in Winona Lake. It's cold at Grace College. It's cold in my dorm. It's cold in my room. I'm cold. I did homework all day long. I left my room a grand total of three times today all of which were trips upstairs to my friends fridge and the last was a trip upstairs to the fridge and to post another overnight slip for the same friend. My life is absolutely amazing, right? No. I'm feeling extremely ambitious to do things that I haven't been asked to do. For example, I haven't been asked to join a company and make $100,000/year. I want to do all my work here so successfully that my profs will all remember me by name instead of "The overweight redhead who always sits in the middle of class." (Before anyone tries to tell me that I'm not overweight, I'd like to point out that 160 lbs. for a 5' 4" tall woman is 30 lbs. overweight. And I'm not going to listen to all that talk about "big bones" and "men like curvey women") I want people to remember me for not just telling them about myself, but for listening to them. I want others to recall that I was never purposely mean to them. I want people to know that I stick up for them when they're not around to do it themselves. I want more than anything else to be remembered! But does it really make any difference if I am? Even recently I had someone I had never met before come up to me and ask, were you the princess in that play I saw? Yes, I was. I was a princess once. The next year I was a queen. I'm still a princess, but not in a play. I belong to God. I am a child of the only creator of any universe. They say that an elephant has an incredible memory. Well, God made that memory. That tells me that God has an absolutely unfathomable memory. (I can only remember to my 7th year, but God created Time itself. That's pretty incredible.) I guess this update isn't so meaningless after all. If nobody else remembers me for anything, God remembers me because I am His. That's enough for me.


Anonymous said...

Never fear, my dear--you'll be remembered by at least one long haired, loud-mouthed, insecure, dippy, deep, internally conflicted, chubby dork of a diva.

The Above Described

Anonymous said...

I will always remember you.