Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So lately I've really begun to feel convicted to keep my house in better order (i.e. neater). I've got everything I need now: a 3-ring binder (from my college days) filled with my calendar (I printed from my computer), list of daily chores, grocery lists, recipe cards for the week, weekly menu, and a handy little note from another blog about scheduling my day. The biggest part for me is to actually drag out the vacuum a few times every week and USE it. It's hard because I'm 7 months pregnant and in order to efficiently use the rug-sucker, I need to pick up That brings me to another item on my (Danny's) daily list: pick up toys. Danny has a job chart, too. Only, it seems like he's not interested in doing his jobs unless I'm right there to help him through it. Hmmm. I guess that one needs a little more thought. Back to my chores! It's really helped me feel a little less frazzled to have the house mostly clean all the time. I never liked cleaning the whole house 1 day each week; so now I'm only cleaning a little bit every day. I used to have to hire a babysitter for a few hours every time I needed to clean simply because there was so much to do. But now, I'm able to keep most things cleaned up most of the time and it really makes me feel better.

Probably the most enjoyable thing I've learned through this process is the fact that God knows exactly what I want to get done and He helps me with it. I talk with Him each morning about my to-do list and I think He's teaching me how to prioritize my days. For example, mopping is on my list for today. I usually try to get my chores done in the morning. If I had tried to do that this morning, I would have become frustrated by the fact that my little helper wants to help with everything to the point of not really helping (let's face it, a 3 year old can't really handle a mop). But, I had an appointment this morning and didn't get back until lunch. Now, it's his naptime and as soon as he's in his bed I can focus on the mopping and do a good job of it. I love it when God writes my day for me. The best thing I've learned is the importance of getting up early--before the kids are awake. That way, I have time to shower and sit down and really talk with the Lord without distraction. It's really helped to boost my mood.

That's what I know for now. I'm learning more about myself each day; but I'm re-learning the importance of letting God be in control of even the small cleaning the house.

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