Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's amazing to me how much housework can build up over the course of a single day away from home. Dean & I were gone much of last Friday and I'm still trying to catch-up on the cleaning! Factor in a 7 months pregnant belly in the way and you've got the recipe for desiring very little "up and down" work. Right now, both kids are napping and I'm enjoying the quiet--instead of doing some of the much-needed housework. I've really tried to include my babies in some of the more mundane chores. Like, dishes. I'm trying to wash the dishes everyday (preferably after every meal) and Danny LOVES to use the "squirter" to help me. I just wash them and put them in the other sink for him to rinse off and then I can put them into the drainer when the sink is full. We have a good time...often a wet time. But, he's learning an important lesson: help. I'm so glad that he's naturally helpful. And, at least with the dishes, he really does help. I'm trying to be more patient with my babies. Rosie and I had a bit of an argument last night over her last bite of supper. She was pretty sure that she didn't want just ONE more bite...but I told her to take it....and then I had to make sure she did. 'Cause I'm the mom and she needs to be obedient. After I sat her on my lap for awhile and told her that I expect her to eat her bite, she was happy enough to comply. And, I think she appreciated that I stuck to what I had said and didn't give in to her. She IS only 1, after all. Both of them know we're having another baby, and they both know what their job will be when he/she gets here: to give the baby lots of hugs and kisses and keep mommy company while she feeds the baby. I even think they're excited about it. I saw them cuddling dolls the other day and rocking them while singing a lullaby. I'm not worried about them being jealous at all. In fact, I'm kind of excited to see their faces the first time they meet their sibling.

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