Monday, September 05, 2011

Oh. My. Word! we are...2 YEARS LATER! I realize that I'm no good at this journaling thing. Although, it's fun to look at this and read something from 2 years ago. It's Labor Day weekend again. I'm expecting a baby again. My son really does love his baby SISTER a lot, and they get along fabulously. Gardening with them isn't so bad...and that's about the only stuff that's the same from 2 years ago. I'm a stay-home mom now, but it's a bigger job than we moms get credit for. There's a lot to "just" cooking and cleaning. It also includes (but is not limited to) cleaning the children, cleaning the toys, cleaning every room in the house, cooking meals for a growing number of people--consisting of food which will actually be eaten in a timely manner, dancing in the dining room by the stereo when the urge hits a little body, playing on the (hopefully clean) kitchen floor with Matchbox cars, playing hide and seek, making sure the toilets stay closed (particularly important when a favorite toy fits perfectly inside the toilet), showering every once in a while, supervising a snack time, doing laundry for a growing number of people on a regular basis, changing diapers and/or reminding someone to go to the potty whenever he/she needs to, doling out discipline in a LOVING manner whenever needed (although, this fluctuates each day), managing nap times, listening to my husband and supporting him in his work, and still making the time for my own reflection with the Lord. How working moms actually get any of that done is beyond me. They must be super women.

The next baby is due in 10 more weeks. I'm excited about it! I've been preparing the older 2 since we found out about this one and they're excited, too. I don't expect any problems with jealousy and I anticipate that he/she will fit right in. We still have lots to do before the new one gets here: new wood stove, carport, room in the basement. Although, honestly, 2 of those things could wait a little longer.

What do you know? It's time for supper. It's back to the kitchen for me!

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