Thursday, April 14, 2005

Opening Night

"Cinderella" went very well tonight, I was told. I went out with some of the cast afterward and I'm glad that I did. I've done that after the other shows I was in and I've had a different experience every time. Tonight was more fancy-free, but I felt much more responsible than I have before. I've matured so much in just the last two years that the person I was three years ago very nearly annoys me. I look back and what I see is a girl who desperately wanted to be in a relationship with anyone who would ask......if only they would ask. Now that I've been in two and broke both of them off for lists of reasons I can see that I only need Jesus. I want a man--but I need Jesus.

I got several comments regarding my post about the man I love. Given the nature of our relationship (and the fact that we've been very good friends for quite some time) I know that telling him how I feel is not yet the right course of action. I really do want to tell him, but I'm not about to throw myself at a man. Maybe it's pride, but it's more likely that I'm just waiting for him to make up his mind about me and get a job. And I don't want to put him in a position where he may be faced with perhaps ending communication with me after graduation. I'm going to give him a chance to say something to me about his feelings and then I'll speak up. If he wants to do the DTR (Define The Relationship) thing, I'm gonna make him go first--and then I'll be honest.

So, this was a good day. My picture's in the local paper for the play. More some other time.


Moose said...

Congrats on the play and the picture. Soon you'll be famous and have little time to blog. As for the man. I would never recommend that someone come out and say that they are completely in love with someone before the relationship is “defined.” What I will say is that out time on this planet is finite and you might think about dropping some hints. Women are supposed to be good at this right? Good luck either way.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are growing up, Sis. I love you and I'm proud to call you my sister!