Saturday, April 02, 2005

A poetic line

Only in our darkest dreams and most dreadful nightmares are found those things we fear to desire. It is not the monsters of sleep which frighten me, but the essence of their very existence.

I've recently discovered that I think in emotion--not words. That's why it takes me so long to think of something coherent to share......I have to translate everything from the language of my personal being into a language others can understand. When I can't properly translate this heart-language, I become frustrated along with my listener as they often misunderstand my deeper meanings.

I desire to find one with whom my heart may converse openly and freely with little translation needed. I have already found one who is close to helping me fully realize this hope, but he does not know these deeper longings abide in my heart. I have finally realized that these hopes for him refuse to be denied (I have tried for too long to squash them) but it is not for me to share them with him. I am the treasure......treasure is not made for hunting, but to be hunted. I wish he would hunt.

God, you know my every hope and desire more fully than I could ever feel them. I give this man to You along with my own heart. Lead me, Lord. My will is Yours.

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