Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I am a woman in love. Not with things of this world, or people. I am not in love with those things which women usually fall in love with—puppies, children, men. I am not in love with the past, or the future. I am a woman in love with the now. Everywhere I look I can see my God’s handiwork and I am in love with how much He has shown me. I see the leaves change color on the trees, I see the special look in his eye, I see how much my family loves me….but none of that can compare with the simple miracle that I see.

I am a woman in love. I do not love that which is not nor do I love what has been. I love the infinite possibilities God holds in a solitary moment. God knows everything. Not only what will be, but He knows every possibility for what could happen for every available choice. If I go left, He knows all the avenues of choice that decision will open. If I go right, He still knows what the future holds. He also knows the choice that I will make and every opportunity which will open because of that decision. I am in love with God’s power, His grace, and His love.

I am a woman in love with her savior. Even though I turn my back on Him at some point every day, and days may go by without even talking to Him, He still loves me with an infinite love. I just sit back and watch His creations interact and go their own ways, and I know that He loves them too. Every time a little squirrel runs across my path to bury a nut, I know that God watches him and tells him where to bury it. I also know that God will remind him where it is later. If God tells even a squirrel where his food is hidden, what has He to tell me? How could I not be in love with a God like that?

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