Friday, September 24, 2004

Another twist in this thing called life

Sometimes life surprises you and then sometimes friends surprise you too. I'll be blunt: I know you two are dating.....I'm not stupid. When were you planning to tell me?

Sometimes when I feel down, Lord
and clouds are all I see
my heart begins to question
all Your faithfulness to me.
That's when, dear Lord remind me
though it's hard to understand
that, Lord, You are the potter
I'm just a vessel in Your hands.

~First verse

I can feel change on the horizon, but I cannot yet tell if it's good or bad. I feel like I want to crawl into a hole and make the world disappear. I feel like I want to abandon all reason and let the wind direct my path. I feel like I want to feel love again but I'm afraid to try......I always end up hurt or hurting others. I get so caught up in the magic of autumn that I'm not sure what I really feel.

I know that You're there to help me through everything, but I can't see You. Save me from myself....

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