Saturday, September 18, 2004

Journal entry January 2004

What does it mean to completely belong to God? It means, in essence, to give up my very life in order to dedicate it to Him and to do whatever He may ask without hesitation. Should God call me to stay here a while longer but never graduate, I must do it. Should God ask me to work extra hard to graduate early and move to a foriegn country to live and work for Him I must neither question Him nor hesitate to begin at once to carry out His desire.

To be completely God's means that I no longer have a desire to be apart from Him or His will. To stray would be worse than death. To want for myself that which God hs given to others is not noble or trusting.

If I completely belong to the Creator of all things, I worry for nonthing but trust God with everything. My heart, my mind, my body, my soul, all belong to Him alone.

Imust not live my life as if I am waithing for God to bring to me a mate. I am not waiting and wasting my life with the--perhaps--vain hope that God hsses me worthy to help another human being as only a wife can.

What does it mean to be completely His? To worry for nothing, to trust wholly, and toe live only for God and His will in my life.

God, I desire only what You have for me. Let my every adtion be to You and for You. Lord, I give myself to You so completely so as to trust You only for my every need and to know that You love me so much that you died for even me. To You alone I commit my life.

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Anonymous said...

God, thank you for giving this woman the strength and vulnerability she has shows in dedicating her life to you. I ask that you would help her to continue in the ways you have shown her. Speak to her, reassuring her of the directions you would take her, and give her the confidence that comes in knowing that you are God.