Saturday, September 25, 2004

The little girl

The "real me" has a name now. Her name is Reverie. Yes, Reverie because that's what she is...a daydream.
Reverie sits in the dark waiting to be rescued. Many people walk by her in the incompletely dark room and never see her cowering in the corner. A few people have stopped to ask her questions, but none have been true enough to their unspoken promise of friendship. Reverie answered their questions and even looked to them for hope, but inevitably they all turned away and continued on their own journeys. We found her still sitting and waiting. She wonders, "When my tears finally stop, will my heart be forever broken? I have had friends before and they merely got what they wanted and continued on their way. Will my heart harden against all hope of ever being rescued?" She sits and waits...and waits...and waits. She finally realized that Christ has been with her in the dark this whole time. They begin to talk and months go by. May turns into June, and so on until today. Reverie remembers that Christ has made many friends who also have turned from Him. He reminds her that He even died for those who never knew Him. Even while they are talking, Reverie sees a hand reaching into the darkness of her small room. Dare she take the hand? There is the chance that the hand will draw back and refuse to grasp hers in return. Reverie looks again to Christ. He is standing next to the mysterious hand with His own extended to help her off the floor. The owner of the hand tells her that she must get beyond what has happened before in order to experience what is yet to come. Inside, Reverie knows he is right, but she also knows that the others said the same thing, "Move on." She wants to grasp the hand and hold on tight for she feels that here is one who may understand what she feels and wants. But what is she to do right now?

Reverie is now standing at the door of her room and is peering out at the world. She is no longer merely a child, but a woman. A full grown woman on the threshold of life. She looks out the doorway and sees someone standing not far away. In order to get to him, she must come out of the dark entirely and look to the future and not the past or the present. She's not ready. Christ has not yet given her permission to move on. I predict that Reverie will continue to sit with Christ alone for a while yet. How long has yet to be determined, but I feel she will step into the light with Christ and move to take the mysterious outstretched hand...

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